Thursday, February 10, 2011

strat based sketches

A couple of weeks ago Kenray proposed me to design guitars to be cut out of a strat body - I took the challenge and here they are. I printed strat blueprints in light grey to be sure it would be accurate and drew from them, but didn't stick to the pickup/electronics routing - too constraining.

It was not so fun as I thought, because strats are extremely well balanced (this I have to acknowledge this, though I really don't like strats) and reshaping them is just about cosmetics, where I'm mostly busy with ergonomics, even if it's not always obvious in my drawings. 

While drawing I often reached designs typical of 60s Japanese guitars like Teiscos, and it felt like it's exactly how they proceeded at the time... And I also easily obtained Paul Stanley style guitars, that is embarrassing but not new - I wish he would have chosen between KISS and guitar design, because his guitars are spoiled by bad taste finishes and who wants a guitar conceived by a clown? 


  1. you may want to check out the G&L sc2. I have been thinking about copying that design for a while.

  2. I didn't know the SC2, cool guitar, thanx.

  3. I like G - neat work with the pickguard~!

    thanks for playing!

  4. Might a "fit within a Les Paul" be a better option than the strats? It seems to me, there's a lot more room to work with on a LP.


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