Monday, December 29, 2008

more sketches and cardoard

new version for the 7 strings, back to a round cutaway, with smoother edges to avoid the teenager pointy feeling... feel closer to the right thing now, but it starts to look like the Ovation Breawinner limited - very rare guitar indeed but my point was to make an original design... gotta think about this...

Thursday, December 25, 2008

more sketches

hmm, what I feared happened: though I tried to stop thinking of guitar designs, couldn't help having my brain work and my fingers sketch some more guitars, and now I reach this last model, more ergonomic, more original, more pure, more radical... but more difficult to achieve since it requires to be really balanced and not only look like it ; so it would have to be made out of wood several times before being worth making for good.
still quite influenced by the Ovation Breadwinner - well one the best designs and best guitars to me - with something also from the famous Klein ergonomic guitar but with more concern for style - a little bit like the Teuffel Tesla but more rock.
it might seem that there is too much wood, that would make it too heavy, but like my other projects, I think of it chambered - with an aluminium front -, and the upper part would be chamfered front under the right arm and back under the ribcage.
and last thing, I found out that if I make several quick drawings, I can with the different approximations create a lot of details that I wouldn't find just with brain work, hence the many different versions - will probably make much more before I go to real size - if I do.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

7 string in process

before making the guitar out of OSB, I spent some time looking at it and wasn't completely happy so I made a new model with a modified cutaway - still not quite satisfied though...

... so I've made this one, but still it wasn't OK...

... so now i'm working on this one...

Monday, December 8, 2008

how they should look like...

a little bit of paint and alu foil and I have now a rough idea of how these guitars are going to look...
next step will be now to build the seven string (on the right) out of OSB.

you probably noticed that since the last post the 7-string has been reshaped, it's now more compact and closer to the original sketch ; still it's a quite special design, a good combination I think of ergonomic and aesthetic, with inputs from 'modern tradition' (Japanese style long lower horn, like the prodigious Tokai Humminbird reissued by Eastwood Guitars) and innovation.
the OSB model will show if this design is as comfortable as expected.

more cardboard

more cardboard guitars, on the left and down, the two models I've decided to build (with bridges and pickups), and on the right, two new models I intend to develop later: a 14 string (2 x 7) baritone with effects included (fuzz, trem, chorus) - my very own ultra deluxe model - and an experimental neckless guitar.
This one should be both cheap and easy to build as I just avoid to make a neck and can cut it out of a 100 x 30 planck. No idea if this is a complete dead-end (well it's upseting that it doesn't exist already and I can't imagine that nobody had the idea before) but the concept is to make it thin enough to keep it light, but that there is enough wood for good acoustic, to keep the work on the neck minimal (it will still be round - and it fits to my playing style since I studied first classical guitar and kept the thumb-behind technic since).
the only real difficullty is to fret the fingerboard (why don't they sell pre-fretted boards? - anyway I at least found some precut), then tuners, string-through-body bridge, one splitable humbercker, a push-pull knob, a jack-socket and that's it! I'll work on it when I'm finished with the first projects...

Friday, December 5, 2008

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