Thursday, February 12, 2015

the end of Custom 77...

I was very sorry to learn a few days ago that French guitar company Custom 77  - one of the best new guitar companies in Europe to me - suddenly decided to stop their activities. Though in the last years they developed very interesting original models, reached little by little a worldwide distribution network and caught the attention of musicians (including Lee Ranaldo) and guitar lovers, they just can't manage to go on as no bank seems to find that an European electric guitar company is a sustainable business worth supporting. So they chose to call it quits rather than risking bankruptcy - we can just hope that this means that the two guys behind Custom 77 plan to create a new company someday, something they couldn't do if they had to pay debts for the rest of their lives… 

Custom 77 Roxy Raw Power
Those who followed my posts on the Guitar Blog may remember what I wrote about Custom 77's Roxy when it was released in 2011 - I really fell in love with the sexy minimal design of this guitar. I really didn't need a new guitar a the time, but in the last weeks I was hesitating between buying a G&L telecaster and a Roxy Raw Power - the solid body single P90 version of the Roxy (I need a single coil guitar for my new project). Well it seems that I hesitated too long, and I will never have it (they sell their stock for cheaper price right now but you have to go to their shop in Lyon, they won't send it to Austria)…

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

more sketches

I know, I forgot to draw the tuning system on B - I planed to make it headless and changed my mind. I still like the body shape, I regularly make variations on it, and I know that one day I'll have it built! Would be cool with a Flyte-style  triangle headstock, of a Flying V to be shorter.

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