Saturday, May 6, 2017

Eastwood Sidejack Baritone & sitarized First Act Westerberg PW580

I got a First Act Westerberg signature guitar because its outline is brillant and it was very cheap, but to be honest the guitar was unplayable - neck too flat, terrible fretwork and very thin pickup. I had already change the pickup for a GFS P90, put an aluminium pickguard and a nut convertor to play slide but it was still accumulating dust, so I achieved its metamorphosis by putting a new neck and sitar saddles - the same I used for the Doppelcaster - and now I have a unique sitar guitar that I play regularly and hope will use on stage soon. It's still not perfect -  I have to adjust the alignment - but it works very well and  I will eventually upgrade the neck and the pickup again so it can be a reliable concert instrument...  

Next to it is the new Eastwood Sidejack Baritone guitar I got for my last birthday - I am very fond of my Danelectro Longhorn Baritone but its lipstick pickups have a narrow register, so I wanted to explore further the possibilities of baritones, and I'm not disappointed... I didn't like the white pickguard so I made a black one - first time I make one out of plastic, not as nice as metal but easier to do... Already used it for my last concert - photos and videos will come soon I hope.



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