Thursday, November 24, 2016

more sketches

music of the week: lately I've spent some time watching and listening to San Francisco Bay Area YouTube channel - enjoying pretty good guitar-based live music... Didn't listen to everything yet but so far I particularly enjoyed Purling Hiss and Summer Cannibals

Thursday, November 10, 2016

concert pictures

Here are a few pictures of previous concerts:

This was shot a few weeks ago at the Small Forms sessions in Nadalokal in Vienna. Together with writer / performer Ines Birkhan, we recorded in the afternoon our mix of spoken words, half improvised hypnotic electronic music and noise guitar that will be released by Small Forms.

Then we performed it again in the evening - plus some more guitar + iPad free improv - for a small but enthusiastic audience...

More pictures here.

This one was in Debrecen in Hungary with Edward Reardon, performing at the Zajkert V festival last September. The concert was a little bit chaotic because after all the musicians spent the afternoon installing their instruments on the stage in the Modem (Debrecen's modern art museum)'s garden, and as the sound check was almost finished , a storm came and in a moment of panic we had to remove everything and stuff it in the museum's hallway!

We decided then to go on with the festival and reinstalled here and there - with the help of the supportive staffs of Modem and Zajkert... At the end was still good music and crazy atmosphere, Hungarian style, with an attentive audience. There are some reviews and pictures here and here - for those who speak Hungarian...

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