Thursday, December 22, 2011


OK, a pedalboard is not much if you consider that I ambition to build guitars - a sloooow process as you might have noticed - but at least it is really useful - since I switched back to pedals after a long multi-effect phase (I've been an avid user of Korg's Pandora - that fits in one's pocket), I've been carrying around a few kilos of pedals (and I don't even have boutique ones!) and lost a lot of time plugging and unplugging!

So this pedalboard made of aluminium mesh fulfills my needs: it's compact, light and cheap. I'm not super happy with the red rubber bands - there's a clear lack of coolness there -, but the system works and that's what matters! It fits in a basic alu tool case and I have a trolley for it, so I won't have a broken back anymore when I arrive at the rehearsal studio (knowing that I usually also carry two guitars, it was time that I take care of this!) At some point, I'll have to get new cables with proper length and flexibility, but this is not en emergency. 

OK, the next project is another planck guitar for a friend in France, that should quickly be used on stage for his current act - more about this later.

Saturday, December 17, 2011

more sketches

As you can see, lately I've been interested in ergonomic hollow body guitars... I was wondering if it would be realistic to make one myself, and I came up with the idea of an aluminium front hammered in an archtop shape, and I combined it with a straight neck / pickups alignment with a Fender style bridge... 

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

pedalboard troubles

I can't believe that I've spent two hours rearranging these pedals just to make them fit in the case! Now I found the right disposition, with zigzagging cables, but I can't understand why MXR pedals still have their power jacks on the side on the 21st century, it's so unpractical!

Anyway,  a little bit more drilling, cutting and screwing, and my super-light portable pedalboard is ready!

Thursday, December 1, 2011

more sketches

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