Friday, February 18, 2011

more sketches


  1. I spent my day trying to design something completely in your taste (not joke, just mental challenge). I found that colors of your sketches resemble me about one famous futurist. So I call it Umberto (Boccioni) guitar.

    Y Tremasov (aka Simply_Dead)

  2. pretty cool design, if you don't mind I'll post it on the Guitarren facebook...

    it's well balanced, dynamic, with the right mix of Breadwinner, Flying V and Firebird - just the pickguard horns could have smoother curves...

    I love Boccioni by the way, and futurism in general!

  3. Thanks! You can post it anywere :)

    I also thought about more "vertical" instrument (to be able to tap or play in classic position) and one-way-tilted frets (635-625mm multi-scale) for wide choice of bridges (including mustang-like vibrato) and strings.


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