Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Solo in Klangfestival #7 in Gallneukirchen

So on August 22nd I performed solo at the Klangfestival #7 and I had a really good time there - and from what I heard the audience enjoyed it too, but can one trust people who come to you after a concert and tell you it was cool? 

Anyway, it was the first time for a long time that I played outdoor, for as much as I love noise music, I usually don't want to impose it to other people, but it was in a farm in the Austrian countryside, in a festival dedicated to radical music, so everybody was there to listen to something like that - except the cows I guess… I played guitars and electronics, plus voice and conch shell blowing - I know that a video was shot but i didn't see it yet, maybe I'll post it here later. 

The whole festival was very cool, nice people, good music, bio food, beautiful landscape... There's nothing I enjoy more that what creative and dedicated people can make happen in the interstices of the system...

Sorry but I can't really credit all the pictures, they come from various sources - a.o. the Klangfestival Facebook page… 

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