Friday, August 22, 2014

geared up for tomorrow's concert

Now that I do concerts again, I see how different it is since I started to get interested in gear. I spend almost as much time tweaking stuff as preparing music! Well I do improv, so I need to keep fresh, and it's a good way to stay focused, understand how sound is produced and try something completely new! 

I housed my Volcas in a crude wooden rack and put my LeafAudio DroneSynth in a wooden box. 

Here is the new Göldo roller bridge I put on the Jaguar - broke too many strings since I put the LesTrem. I'm not satisfied yet with it, the E strings jump easily out of the roller saddles - my playing style is quite enthusiastic… But I'm sure it can be set up somehow - have to figure out how.

And this is the pedal line for this project !


  1. Hey, I'm trying to do the exact same mod with the roller bridge. How did you fit it? the screws I've been supplied with don't fit with jaguars own screw inserts. Thanks!

  2. yes, the screws don't fit, so I provisorily put it anyway and the string tension keeps it in place like a floating bridge so I left it like this and it works...

    1. I also added washers for height adjustment...


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