Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Noise Box Workshop

On the weekend I did a noise box workshop - I'm so clumsy when it comes to soldering and this kind of stuff, that I thought it's time to learn it for real! On pic 2 you can see how pathetic my soldering technic was, but after a few hours I made some progress (pic 3) and I managed to assemble all the parts together to make a little oscillator that makes some noise - that was the purpose and it's achieved! 

In a couple of days I will house the thingy in an alu box and shoot a little demo - I guess that through a couple of pedals such as my Wrong Side of Uranus, it will sound terrific. The workshop was hosted at Noisy MusicWorld, a music complex that rents studios in Berlin where I rehearse regularly - there I can play very very loud and nobody ever complains.

There are two other things I learned in this workshop, outside of soldering together electronic gizmos: finally it is true that after 40 you start to get farsighted, fucking hell! I can hardly see the details on a PCB and I made an appointment to get a prescription for glasses! The other thing is that the demographic of electro-noise gadget wannabe makers in Berlin is 100% white and male - I'd tend to add heterosexual but I didn't inquire that far -, though still international. Fascinating...


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