Sunday, November 1, 2009

considerations about a cheap SG

A few days ago I bought on eBay a ridiculously cheap defect guitar that I intend to recycle for a next project. I expected a beaten second hand wreck, but I find myself with a brand new SG type guitar made in China, of a surprisingly good quality for its price. It's far from the Japanese cheapos of the 70s like the ones I bought for the crackle guitars project - of course the wood is super light and the gear feels fragile, and the strings buzz on a quarter of the neck, but it's very playable, confortable, with a fast neck, and well finished. I have no problem practicing on it, independently of its sound (actually I didn't plug it yet so I can't tell about the amplified sound).

That makes me think that not only these Chinese cheap guitars unsettling the western guitar industry might result in a general upgrade of quality for cheaper prices, but also that like stereos and toasters, nobody seems to bother fixing a broken guitar when it's cheaper to dump it and get a new one! This one has something unsoldered in a tone pot (I don't care, I never use tone on guitars), that even I can fix, but no, here it is, never played and ready to be dismembered for a crazy project of mine. I feel like Doktor Frankenstein having asked Igor to bring the corpse of a criminal sentenced to death to built his creature, and being handed an innocent sleeping teenager that he knows he will sacrifice to satisfy his twisted passion...

I also realize that though I didn't like SGs so far, without having ever played any, it has a very nice feel, and I'm reconsidering my preconception...

And my new project? Well, contrarily to the very object of this blog, I will wait until I actually made it to show it here. It's too specific to be given away like I usually do, without any protection... So more later!

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