Monday, November 30, 2009

crackle guitar session 2

Our working process has been quite chaotic, so I kept the pictures in complete disorder - would have been pointless to pretend that there's been a logical progression... The key thing that happened is at least that our expectations that the crackle box would work as a filter for the guitar pickups are fulfilled - see the video...

Next session and achievement of the crackle guitars should be next February in Amsterdam!


  1. Very cool. Is this battery powered?

    I always though the reason there were never any 1/4" jacks on the cracklbox was to keep people from getting electrocuted. :)

  2. yes it is battery powered, though the problem is that the stroboscopic LED will use the same battery in order to interfere with the crackle circuit - so we just don't know how long a regular 9V battery will last... We plan an easy access to change it anyway!

    I know some crackle boxes modified with 1/4" jack sockets and nobody died so far...


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