Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Epiphone frenzy

Yesterday was a special day, I received two new guitars the very same day, an Epiphone Dot Studio I bought six months ago in the US (thanks to the low dollar and the wrecked car I sold for hardly more than what I paid for the guitar) and that was waiting since a way to cross the Atlantic ocean, and an Epiphone Thunderbird pro IV bass I just acquired for the project I'm currently working on.

Two classic beauties! The Thunderbird pro IV is Epiphone's new neck-through model with transparent black finish and black hardware and pickguards, it has an incredibly rich sound, I'm sorry for my faithful old Musima, but she cannot compete!

The Dot Studio is a simplified version of the Dot with just one volume and one tone controls - but I never use the knobs on guitars anyway. I will replace the pick-ups with some Epiphone SGs chrome cover humbuckers I have around, until I find better - and I consider a ES335 style metal pickguard...

GAS is a good drug and the healthiest of all!

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