Thursday, September 10, 2009

another customable brand-less guitar

crackle guitar twins

We decided to actually make 2 crackle guitars, one of each of us, so I managed to get exactly the same cheap guitar as a starting point. This project is getting more and more exciting!


  1. I'm not sure I understand what you're aiming at. I head the cracke box on a youtube video and that leads me to imagine that the guitar will be able to make crackle box sounds in addition to the traditional guitar sound.

    Or is there more to it? Does the crackle box take the guitar's signal an modify it in some way?

    So, what is your vision, sound-wise?


  2. the project is actually about using the crackle signal as a modulating filter for the pickups, with contacters on the board but also on the strings...

    to be honest, I have no idea of it's going to sound!

    we will also keep the electronic sound and mix it with the guitar sound...

    it might be something like a rough and uncontrollable version of Matt Bellamy's Kaoss Pad guitar...

  3. wow. I found a guitar like that. It had been almost destroyed and was utterly unplayable.
    I turned it into an Electric Sarod


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