Saturday, November 14, 2009

neckless guitar studies

Slowly but steadily, the neckless guitar project progresses... I have now the wood - it's beech wood, rarely used for solid bodies but - like birch wood - much appreciated usually for drums and speakers...
I decided finally to go for a Wilkinson bridge humbucker... Since the scale of the fretboard is different than the one I used for my calculations, I have to readjust everything a little bit... I realise that the connection between the pickups, the knobs and the jack socket will be problematic... And I'm considering adding a removable leg rest, probably home-made - a Steingerger leg rest is as expensive as a Seymour Duncan pickup!

neckless leg rest small


  1. It looks good so far. Fascinating instrument. The aluminium folding around the leg rest looks cool. But why build a neckless guitar? Is it just for the looks or do you expect better sound or ergonomic benefits?


  2. Btw, I've noticed in your designs that you like covering the whole top of the guitar bodies with aluminium plate. Then, have you seen this project?

    It's (I believe) a Jazzmaster with a copper covered top and headstock. Not only does it look good on paper, such designs apparently also look well in real life.


  3. Whoops, forgot the link. Here it is:

  4. thanks for the link, it's an interesting project...

    about the neckless guitar, I think that the idea came when I realized how difficult it is to make a good neck from scratch - that was a way to avoid it I guess! then when I developed the concept, I started considering than it would give a very straight and rigid neck that would provide a big sustain with a small body... I also think that - if it works - it could be a very easy way to build a guitar from a 100 x 30 planck that might interest some builders/players...

    It might feel difficult to play this instrument but with a proper guitar technic - that is coming from classical guitar, where you always keep your thumb on the back of the neck - it would not be a problem - but you cannot play it horizontal... I also consider another model with extra strings zither-style on top.

    an finally the metal fronts on my projects are meant for chambered solid bodies. I don't use this for this neckless because I want to keep it easy to build - maybe the next one.

  5. this is going to be so cool once it's finished.

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  7. Hello, i love your blog and this project! I 've got one question: is there a copyright on the neckless guitar or can i build one myself one day?

    1. hello, thank you for the appreciation! and since I didn't manage to build this guitar yet, please feel free to try because I'm very curious to see if it works... I have the body cut in my living room and think about it often but since I don't have a workshop at the moment, it stays in limbo - and obviously it wants to be built since you contact me now! :-)


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