Tuesday, September 1, 2009

some more music

Happy me, I just got myself a brand new MXR blue box pedal.
It used to be a preponderant part of my sound some years ago, then I had to part with the vintage one I used, around the time I shifted to digital effects - so I never replaced it until now.

But I realize now that pedals are like guitars, versatility is useful but it's not enough, and it's more intuitive and also more fun to combine several analogic pedals. Lately I stored my Pandora and Zoom multi-effects and got old school fuzzbox, tremolo, wah-wah and now the Blue Box - in addition to my 20-year old first stomp boxes.

For those who wouldn't know the Blue Box, it's a kind of fuzzy double octaver that with some settings becomes extremely unstable, as you can hear on this track that I recorded back in the time as the title song of short movie Partie 0.1 (together with experimental junglist LTDB, who is not called like this anymore).

I really enjoy playing with this pinball sound!

Partie 0.1 by bertramD

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