Thursday, September 17, 2009

acoustic guitar retrofit

This is my retrofitted nylon string Spanish guitar - my very first guitar, on which I learned classical guitar at 14 - not very assiduously I have to admit, but it still had an influence on my playing even when I switched to 3 power chords punk at 16, then later to noise impro.

It's a crafted flamenco guitar made in Spain - roughly similar to a classical guitar with lower action - that my parents had for a cheaper price since it had a varnish problem (like wrapped too early and some varnish got stuck on the wrap). Over the years the varnish started to peel seriously, then I tried to remove it myself, then I gave up and kept it unused for decades (see pics).

So since I'm into guitar mod mood now, I decided to rejuvenate it in my own way, with a slightly transparent mate black finish. It makes it quite bizarre, for probably good reasons, acoustic guitars varnish is always shiny (if anybody can tell why, I'm curious).

The sound is a little bit dull but it was already so, and it's a nice practice guitar. I find always good to practice on different instruments to work different aspects of guitar playing.

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