Thursday, September 10, 2009

important information about guitar killswitch

The day before yesterday, I tried to buy a killswitch on eBay for my new guitar project - it was proposed as the very same killswitch used by Buckethead on the song Jordan - you know, a revolutionary device that can introduce silence in music... You press the button, the circuit is cut, you release, it works again (anybody remembers the riff of Spirit in the Sky? - an easier way to do it).

The price rocketed at 16 £ so of course I didn't buy it, but then I made a little inquiries on the web, and today I went to my local electric shop and bought one for 0,88 € (1,28 US$ / 0,77 £).

I'm sorry for the guy who bought it so expansive, and for the other one who thought he found a good business, but I saw similar offers on eBay so I want to tell guitar makers and modifiers to keep their extra bucks for better pickups, and buy killswitches for their actual price - that is super cheap.


  1. oh, that's good to know! I was checking around and found some sold $25!

  2. thats odd about the high prices, i got mine at radio shack for $2-3 and made a removable killswitch.

  3. it's just that some people don't know and other people exploit ignorance!


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