Thursday, August 6, 2009

new Kawai Aquarius blog

I just started a side blog about the Kawai Aquarius - that is not only my first guitar but a very honorable and underrated one, about which it is quite difficult to find any information since Kawai stopped guitar production in the late 80s.

I managed to put on this blog scans of old Kawai catalogues of the late 70s / early 80s - I think that they were not accessible online before and hope that this will be useful for someone.

So you are welcome to visit this blog of course, but also to contribute if you've been or are a Kawai Aquarius owner or player and have pictures, stories, recordings, videos, etc. that you can share with the web.


  1. wouw.. aquarius is a grat guitar. bought one in lake placid blue. sounds awesome.. i could not believe.. it has a few cracks, but i dont care about. i hope to find some more in other colors. this is really japanese high-end work..if you find one, buy it!!! greez.. Mark

  2. well, please send something about your Aquarius for the Aquarius Blog!


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