Friday, August 28, 2009

customable brand-less guitar

Ripped open this guitar, it's funny to see how a cheap guitar is made, I've been lucky enough so far to only deal with good stuff. The body is made of plywood, it should be OK with the crackle mod, it's even good that it's so light because there will be a lot of new embedded gear...


  1. I have a guitar the looks lust like that. Except mine does have the whammy-bar bridge and had a silver pickguard with one pick up. It finally broke. Any ideas on how to replace the pick guard with a new one with more pick ups?

  2. I don't think that upgrading this kind of cheap guitars with plywood body is worth, unless you have some playful project in mind... you won't find these kind of pickups any more anyway.

    to make a new pickguard, you will need a plate of aluminium, a good pair of shears and a good file, sand paper, time and sweat - see

  3. I have a quite similar guitar, but with 3 pickups instead of 2. This has been my very first guitar indeed, bought around 1970-1971 in Italy. One question: how did you find this brand on the guitar? I was not able to find it on mine ... thanks

  4. this kind of guitars were made in Japan in the 70s - they look mostly like Teiscos but made of really cheap stuff - and distributed in the UK and USA in supermarkets, sometimes with the distributors brand (Woolsworth, Sears...), sometimes blank...

    here you can see that Robert Smith recorded the Cure's first album on such a guitar and even reused the pickups on his Jazzmasters! >


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