Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Customable brand-less guitar

I got myself this cheap vintage brand-less strat copy, probably an early 70s Japanese guitar, a Crestline or something. I'm still making research, if you have any information about it (I've been told that this kind of guitars have been quite common at some point), you are welcome to leave a comment.

I'll wait until I know more about it, but I'll probably use it as a base to the crackle guitar project, I like the idea of using a vintage guitar to do an experimental custom.
I'll keep the trem and the pickups but most likely change the other gears. The crackle plate will cover most of the body and the electronics will be deeply modified.


  1. It looks a bit Teisco-like, but I can't find an exact match for it. Defintely looks 70s-era Japanese.

    I don't think you can call it a Strat copy, as it's nothing like a Strat.

  2. yeah, that's true, but for me anything with two horns belongs to the strat legacy... but it looks more like these japanized Burns, that's why I like it!

  3. Steve Morrison9/13/2009 11:32 PM

    Looks like a Top Twenty I had way back in the late 70's.

  4. Teisco made a number of brands, might be a "Concert". Looks like one i have

  5. It is certainly a Kawai/Teisco-made guitar, no idea what type or (reseller) brand it is though.

    I have one that is almost identical and I can't find out anything more than the fact that was made in Japan around 1969/1970.

    Mine has the same shape, colour, pickguard, switches and knobs but has a different tremolo-bridge and pick-ups.

    It sound fantastic though with .12 flat wound strings and I wish it would stay in tune.

    If only I could find replacement tuning-gears for it but it is hard to find the right type, that go along with the style of the guitar... (sight)

    Good luck on the crackle-project, even though it hurts a little to see two such beautiful guitars get customised.

  6. to customize this guitar is an act of live !

    I actually look for another one, I start to like this little thing!

  7. These guitars were mass produced in the 60's or early 70's. They are actually tesico guitar. I actually own one my self. From what i have gathered it seems like this style of guitar was mass produced and then re branded depending on when and where it was sold.
    Mine is the audition brand which means it was sold in Woolworths, Uk in the 60's.

    These are actually some of the better cheap japanese guitars from that ear, and actually have a really nice vintage tone. The trem arm is also a really nice addition.

    The neck is made out of really cheap wood, but if you was to replace that you would have a reallly really nice, and original, guitar.


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