Wednesday, October 3, 2012

more sketches

Music of the week: YouTubed concert of Adam Ant's new band in The Hague last summer. Adam is now in great shape after many years in mental disease limbos, and he's never as good as when he's playing his earliest songs - that are also the best ones! 

You might be surprised that I appreciate Adam Ant so much, but I can assure you that he and the different versions of the Ants have released some of the finest guitar-based music of the 1980s, something that might have been overlooked when they achieved mainstream fame. But in France Adam Ant was  completely unknown - media probably thought he was too British for continental audience! So back in the day when I started to listen to his music, it was still part of the post-punk underground, and it remained like this! 

He seems eager to tour intensively, I hope that I can see him on stage in my corner of Europe - that would be unexpected after all these years!


  1. I remember as a kid, Adam and the Ants where the coolest band on the planet. They blew everything else away.

  2. When looking at F, I can't help thinking how well the design lends itself to being headless. The bottom curve could hold six tuners. Plus, with the sharkbite and adjustable armrest, it'd be very ergonomic. Not to mention cool looking.

    1. you're right Alex, but I personally don't like headless guitars - just for the looks, they just feel out of balance to me... Also some guitarist increase the weight of their headstocks to improve the famous sustain - but I can't tell if it has any proven basis or if it's just another guitar myth!

      thanks for the interest though - like usually you spotted the best one!

      Genghis, did you watch Adam's latest concerts? there's a link in my post.

  3. No I hadn't but I just have and I have to say I like the new material. To be honest I had no idea they where playing at all.(I live a pretty sheltered life here) He is not looking quite as energetic these days though Haha.


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