Monday, October 15, 2012

hand painted pedal enclosure

So here is something I had in mind for a while now, as I was trying to combine my appetencies with my competencies in a concrete project, that is to try to earn a little bit of money with my hand work - to fund my next projects. I want to propose hand painted pedal enclosures for sale, either with my own designs, or on order... 

Since I love 19th century Japanese prints, I started with a fighting samurai as a first try - I have other ones, also Kabuki actors, dragons, erotic scenes..., but people can ask me what they want; I never mentioned it but I happen to be an illustrator for some magazines (you can see some of my press drawings here).   

Is it a good idea? Is anybody interested? Feedback is welcome!





  1. I like that very much. looks great. Unfortunatley I'm not into pedal building. Good luck with it.

  2. thank you - there are more coming and they'll be better! (and if you know DIY pedal makers, please spread the word).


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