Thursday, October 11, 2012

an article in new luthiery magazine Sustain

This month I have the honor to have a few pages about my humble work in the first issue of Sustain, a new magazine published by the Fellowship of European Luthiers! You may remember that about one year ago, I posted about meeting Leo Lospennato, a Berlin-based luthier whose very interesting book had caught my attention.

Well, it happened that though I couldn't join his workshop as I had planned, Leo kept an eye on my blog and followed the making of my plank guitars with a sympathetic eye. When he co-created Sustain, he asked me to answer a few questions about this project, for what I thought would be an quarter page about crazy alternative lutherie. Maybe it's because I've been enthusiastic when answering and sent 8 A4 pages, but it ended up in a real article (I tell much more than I ever did in this blog actually), that I hope people will enjoy - and that might attract potential collaborators for concrete guitar making!

The printed version of Sustain is about to be released but you can download an electronic version here for free. The other articles are very interesting, with technical information as much as cultural ones, that's the kind of magazine that was missing, now it's there!

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