Saturday, August 6, 2011

a sitar bridge for the Doppelcaster

Ordered sitar-guitar saddles from Rockinger, and a vintage style telecaster bridge, but I overlooked the fact that the Squier teles I used to build the Doppelcaster had modern bridges... I will see if I can make things fit - and I still have the option of making another telecaster-inspired guitar, I'm on the tracks of an old-school Ikea Butcher Block.


  1. Great idea to use the sitar saddles on the doppelcaster (thought you were planning to do the sitar thing with another project). Now you can tune the unused set of strings, so that they act as as sympathetic strings like on a real sitar. Was that a plan from the beginning of the doppelcaster?

  2. actually the doppelcaster was supposed to end up with a baritone neck, but after the sitarcaster project felt compromised when I realized that the Ikea Butcher Block was out of production and the microfret neck I bought had a shorted scale than a tele's, I figured out that he best I could do was to make a sitar out of the lower neck with its lipstick pickup.

    That would really make sense, the upper neck could be used more as a tanpura than as sympathetic strings, but anyway two very different sounds would be the best for a double neck....


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