Tuesday, January 25, 2011

more sketches

I've been working more on the last baritone model, curving the straight lines and now I'm getting really happy with it - the H drawing being the best one... I'm also quite sure with the pickup being in middle position - it's a Kent Armstrong double HB Motherbucker that I first thought I would put in neck position, though it's made for bridge... I've been also playing with the idea of having a piezo bridge - a tune-o-matic then because the other ones are only with trem - but a quick search shows that to have a serious one plus a pre-amp is roughly the price of the new Epiphone Nighthawk that I'd be happy to have too... Still I will check if the alu front can be used with a piezo for acoustic instruments - 10 times cheaper! 


  1. I like your sketches...here's an idea/challenge - take the average s-type body and deform it logically... something you could actually do with a stratocaster-type body and a few basic woodworking tools...I have a few s-type bodies, and I am really ready to start cutting them...inspire me.

  2. OK, I take the challenge - I already tried this kind of things with a superstrat double neck body that felt huge and needed reducing - but eventually I didn't buy it...

    So in the coming days I'll draw some fit-in-a-strat models...

  3. awesome...I contribute:



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