Saturday, January 8, 2011

more cardboard


  1. I have enjoyed seeing your drawings. I like the one with the curved pickguard and straight pickup best. Are you planning on bringing this guitar to life?

  2. Ahh, Bertram, I think you're onto something here with these designs. I'd love to see these guitars made up.

    (Danelectro neck, by any chance?)

  3. Thank you...

    I am sweating for months on this baritone project and I like this design a lot for it's the result of a long process... But I have for it a block of solid mahogany that seems to call for something more sensual - so I keep sweating...

  4. @GL, yes, I have a Dan'o short baritone (short compared to the longhorn one) waiting to be inserted...

    and like I said to Mr G., I think that it is a good design, but now I mind that it won't fit to the wood I have...


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