Monday, January 10, 2011

About guitar blueprints and blog stuff

Several people ask me regularly about the blueprints I posted 18 months ago (tele, strat, SG, LP - courtesy of Paul's guitar blog) since I proposed to send the real size ones to whoever would request it (couldn't manage to make them downloadable) - I sent many, but so far it doesn't seem that any guitar has been built from them unfortunately, or I wasn't told...

Anyway, there's been some mess in the blog's comments lately so if I didn't answer you, ask again, because usually I send them right away (the only way not to forget...) Also, some people post comments about the blog then ask for the blueprints and give their e-mail address - if you do that, I can't publish the comments otherwise your e-addresses would be exposed, so it's better to add the e-address in another comment. 

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  1. Megaupload can be used for large files. You upload the files to their server, then supply a link through which others can access the site to download.

    I have used it several times.


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