Wednesday, February 3, 2010

more sketches


  1. Regarding the guitars on the guitars-hot.jpg picture: It's a really good design, but there's one thing that concerns me: Won't your right forearm rest on the pointy corner? If so, I imagine it could hurt some.

    I especially like the bottom one with its cavity on the top curve. That detail migh make it rest better on the player's breastbone if you play sitting.

    ...the top one in the guitars-cum.jpg image looks really nice as well.

  2. oups, you comment on the post in which for the very firstz time I gave stupid names to my sketches!

    anyway, the first guitar you talk about is probably the one that I will build- I keep working on its design... I made a model out of cardboard of an earlier version ( and the horn is behind the spot where the arm rests - like on the Ovation Breadwinner that inspired this model (


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