Wednesday, February 3, 2010

The Aluminium T-beam Guitar Blog

Amongst the guitar blogs and sites I follow, one is quite similar to mine, The Aluminium T-beam Guitar Blog, that I visit always with pleasure.

Alexander - the blogmaster - is working slowly but steadily (a little bit quicker than me though) on guitar innovations of his own, and his last post shows a new step in his current project that I find quite stunning.
He reconnected his humbuckers to phase-switch them, but decided not to hide the cables inside the body, and to let them run on the guitar table in copper tubes!
The constructivist sobriety of the result allows it not to fall in the easy steam-punk cliché and it's just beautiful (it will look better with the strings on).

There are many other things to discover on this blog - T-beam alu necks, plexiglas ultra-thin bodies, alternative tuners and really cool computer generated sketches (I wish I could do that, not instead of hand-made ones that are enjoyable to do, but to finalize projects...).


  1. It's a cool blog. I've been following it since the beginning too.

  2. Thanks!

    ...and I'd wish that I could sketch like you can.

    I don't consider myself a quick builder, btw. Especially not since I got a new job. That, plus two small kids takes a lot of time. I can only manage a few short stints in the workshop, most of them late at night.



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