Thursday, February 18, 2010


Finally, after an almost 5 months break, I managed to start to work again on my 7-string guitar project - in the last two days I spent about 10 hours filing the alu front plate to put the pickup, knob and jack input... Quite a minimal guitar indeed, but still the humbucker is splitable with the push-pull knob. And since on all my guitars I mostly play on the neck pickup with the treble on 11, why should I bother with extra stuff?
Anyway, tomorrow I should get a machine to polish the alu front and then I'll put the neck and the bridge...


  1. Nice that you got back to working on that guitar. Have you decided which kind of finish to use for the wood?

    You mentioned engraving the aluminium at some point. Is that going to happen with this one?


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  3. the finish is an issue, I'm not so happy with the transparent mate black I put on my previous project, so I probably have to make a transparent black varnish... But it's less and less easy to ask for information from a salesman, now they just want to collect your money, they sell colors, wood or sneakers, would be the same...

    anyway, I still consider engraving the frnt plate but I'll have to start from scratch - first buying the machine, then learning how to use it... probably in summer !

  4. I think the transparent black looked well on the other guitar. But transparent black varnish could look even better.

    I agree, unfortunately many salespeople can't offer any good advice. There ought to be more demand for qualified people in the various shops, but apparently the focus is on low prices, not good advice. I tend to go for the low price myself, so I'm part of the problem. But even the expensive places have unqualified salespeople, and who wants to pay a high price for average products and bad advice?

    Well, enough about that. I'm glad to see the project progressing.



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