Friday, November 22, 2013

more sketches

Couldn't draw so much lately, but we've been busy with the Epsilon, and there's been many e-mails exchanged about it between me, Goran - who started the whole project - in Sweden, Andreas from Deutsches Tonholz in Germany, who will build the body, and Jaime from The Creamery in the UK, who will make the pickups… in a few weeks our baby will be born!

Tonight I play in literature café Carioca in Vienna, together with Ines Birkhan reading excerpts of her novel Chrysalis. It's about being enslaved by giant butterflies and I keep exploring noisy drone music with just a theremin and plenty of effect pedals… 

Music of the week: I just ordered the new CD of Kim Gordon's new band Body/Head, I'll tell more about it next time. Otherwise, I really love the single of Dirty Primitives I talked about yesterday, I listen to it all the time!

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