Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Dirty Primitives Go No Pop

Dirty Primitives just released a new single that is quite surprising in many ways - though not betraying the sound we've discovered on their first album. Obviously they don't play by the rules - that's probably why their music is good - and we like it. No Pop Music is a joyful tribute to David Bowie's late "Berlin period", a tongue-in-cheek anti-pop manifesto with a cheerful beat and plenty of heavily effected guitars - otherwise it wouldn't be Dirty Primitives!

There is so much music that is just recycling boring clichés while pretending to be to be sincere and free that the directness of their homage to Bowie is truly rejoicing, and was worth their putting aside their dirty sweaty blues sound for one song (I was told that it was a one-off project). And of course Bowie being the Prince of Thieves, absorbing, processing and rejuvenating all kind of music, is just asking to be looted!

You know what, I'm proud of these guys, they are old timers who've been on stage for over 20 years, playing all kind of crazy music with many bands (I've seen David sawing his guitar next to me while we were disconstructing Prince's Purple Rain - opening for Otomo Yoshihide) and they can create such a cool and catchy song just on a whim, then they put their heads in boxes and share the fun, and it's good.

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