Sunday, July 21, 2013

more sketches

Here is a little bit of anything - headstock ideas for the prototype to be built, ergo-headless designs for a friend, and funny designs sketched on a picnic table in the sun (hence the bucolic branch model)... 

Today I'll start working on a foam model of the prototype - I still have to choose a name for it -, it will be built by a luthier in Germany. 

Also my new music project is progressing very well, I expect to go back on stage within a few months, it's been too long since my last concert - though I kind of start again from zero and will play music I never played before (music people might enjoy listening to - that is new too). 

The negative side of it is that I need to buy some machines - I want to go full analog, I don't like a  computer on stage - and I want to stick to the principle that music should pay for itself. Since I didn't earn money with music for ages, I consider selling my limited edition 1980s Midnight White Rickenbacker 620... That is breaking my heart, since it's my first serious guitar and it sounds like nothing else and I love it, but I must go forward... I just hope that I can find buyers in Europe that understand its value - and it's quite beaten, I've played it for 25 years and it shows...

music of the week: a few days ago I went to an excellent concert of the Vienna Vocal Consort for a program of Monteverdi (Sixth book of Madrigals) and William Byrd - I also bought their Byrd CD. Sometimes when I listen to Monteverdi I wonder if any music was worth composing after him...

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  1. Your branch guitar reminds me of this:


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