Sunday, June 30, 2013

more sketches

In the last year I unfortunately couldn't build much, neither guitars, pedals or noise boxes - I relocated in Austria where I couldn't get a new atelier and had to adjust to a new country, then I've been quite sick, so all my projects kept virtual... Things are happening still, and a luthier in Sweden is interested in my design work and proposed to conceive a prototype together and have it built - these sketches are the last versions of this guitar project - that should be both ergonomic and cool. More about this later. 

Music of the week: regularly I have to listen to Cocteau Twins's 1982 debut album Garlands - it's a kind of perfection, minimal and grandiose, hypnotic and emotional, with the killing bass lines of Will Heggie and walls of noisy guitars - I love also the later Cocteau Twins but this album is their  masterpiece.

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