Monday, May 13, 2013


My friend theremist and electronicist Laurent Dailleau passed away yesterday. He was a respected musician of the experimental music scene in France, and he will be deeply regretted. In the last months he was part of a touring project recreating on stage the studio version of Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon (something Pink Floyd itself could never do) - he was of course in charge of the electronic sounds, all on old school analog machines. 

Laurent and I didn't meet in the flesh for many years - since I left France - but thanks to social networks we were still sharing our likes (and dislikes) about music, instruments and cooking. He was one of the few people who was savvy enough about guitars to have noticed that I was playing on an übercool ergonomic Ovation Breadwinner when everybody else in the experimental crowd thought that I was a fan of Kiss or something! He advised me when I started to use a theremin and I was quite influenced by his work in my last theremin performance. Last year he had invited me for a music retreat in his country house and I postponed going there until I have a perfect project for it - now it will never happen, sorry Laurent... 

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