Friday, May 17, 2013

more sketches

Music of the week: I listened to many things and nothing really stood out, but I notice that more and more of my Facebook friends listen to and post about folk and neo-folk music, mostly guitar based... I wouldn't listen to this spontaneously but I often find that there are really good stuff there. 
I happen to have been a child in the 1970s and back then I was listening to French traditional music, some of it I still play for my kid, for its timeless quality. It was probably the starting point of my later taste for medieval / renaissance / baroque music.


  1. I love guitar B, 12-05-13, but I need to know if its playable sitting down though. Perhaps the bottom bout needs moving forward. Also I would need the headstock reveresd! I like the volume and tone behind the bridge.

    1. it's an ergonomic guitar so it's playable while sitting if you play in an ergonomic position, that is with the neck in high position, and not horizontal... then it makes sense that the tuners are in lower position! but this idea is still in development, so thank you for the feedback anyway!


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