Thursday, May 3, 2012

another good working day

Didn't lose my time today, having access to a band saw, I could cut my Ikea butcher block as a modified telecaster - though I still don't know if I should use my Microfret neck or wait until I can buy a baritone neck (the extra horn makes of course more sense with a longer scale neck)...

I also prepared planks for my next plank guitars and advanced finally on the fuzz box project - I should  finish it soon since I just had some enlightenments about electronics and I'm not stuck anymore...


  1. you scare me . is that what you´re trying to do?

  2. well I wanted to do a butcher block tele, but didn't see the point of making just another tele so this is my own twist - and a first try of a bifurcated cutaway (I play guitar with my neck up, like classical guitarists - or Angus Young if you prefer - and this shape should help in sitting position).

    is it what you find scary or the use of an old band saw without any protection - because this is really scary!


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