Saturday, October 15, 2011

Rehousing a Danelectro pedal

Pedal time! After the Mystery guitar (still no better name - I like die Planck, a mock German name suggested by Guitarz co-poster David from Barcelona, but I'm not sure), let's go back to my DIY fuzzbox project - and while I'm at it, I plan to rehouse my Danelectro Rocky Road. 

I like the sound of this cheap version of a Leslie - I bought it to check if that would be a sound I could include in my music, before getting a more serious one, but it's good enough - or at least it would be if it was not so unpractical! The foot switches are too low, too small and to close to each other - as are the pot knobs... So I tore it apart to look how it would be modifiable, and it's going to be difficult - it's super compact and everything that I should replace is connected directly on the PCBs - and here again I know so little! 

But the only way to learn is to try, so I can only hope that I won't screw it all, and just go for it!


  1. How are you getting on with this Bertram? I have the pedal and have modded it to avoid the massive volume leap when you switch it on, but am not changing the box yet.

  2. Mmh, it's really not easy, because of all the components that are set directly on the board, and that I cannot identify to get the proper replacement parts... I listed all I need and I'm about to order it but I'm still not sure about what kind of pots are required for example...

    I've been looking for tutorials online and there are a few things about rehousing Dan'os but not the Rocky Road, and there is this pedal company Walrus that does it but they charge $100 for it so I doubt that they will provide information - must be some kind of industrial secret...

    so more later!


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