Tuesday, October 4, 2011

mystery unveiled

Here is the mystery guitar project I posted about a couple of weeks ago: my idea was to make a guitar as quick as possible, without design (that's what slows me so much usually) and without the pro smooth finish that is so painful to me to reach considering my total absence of building skills...

Anyway I'm super happy about it - and it sounds much better in real than recorded with my computer's internal mike -, though I still have to set the bridge saddles to have a proper intonation, but just couldn't wait any longer to post about it!

I will make a detailed post tomorrow, and since I don't have a name for it yet, I welcome suggestions!


  1. Ah splendid! That would be great in some kind of garage band.

  2. Looks good. I like the pickguard. How about smooth finishing only the areas that you need to (forearm and thigh contact areas and treble side cutaway (if you'd make one)) and leave the rest deliberately rough. That works for me.

    Looking forward to the promised details.


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