Sunday, July 18, 2010

Melobaritone project

My latest infatuation is the Melobar, a portable lap steel guitar conceived in the 60s by Melobar and released a.o. by Mosrite - and revived lately by Manson for John Paul Jones

I think that this instrument is probably less difficult to build than a regular guitar, because it evacuates the whole neck/ fret/ scale/ fretboard/ radius issue - more or less you nail the gear on a planck and you have a lap steel! Actually I never played a lap steel guitar, but I like bottleneck a lot, and I think that learning how to play a new instrument is easier than to go over my limitations as a guitarist (it worked with bass).

So a home-made Melobar could be a cool project - it would be a baritone to create an instrument that doesn't exist, I see it with six-string so I can use regular gear - a wraparound bridge, a mini-humbucker and a lipstick pickup both in bridge position, a telecaster control plate... 

That's an exciting idea, will see if it can make an exciting project - I have other ones cooking...

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