Friday, July 2, 2010

Doppelcaster project

  I know that I have many projects cooking and almost none really achieved but this last year I've been lucky enough to be very busy with stage projects - and this should last another year if everything works like planed! Anyway, it doesn't mean than I won't build anything, because I managed to introduce some more guitar making in Angel Meat. So here comes the Doppelcaster project, a double neck Telecaster that I intend to build from 2 Squier Telecaster Affinity (a guitar that has quite good reviews and is perfect for modifications). I've been looking for a while for a double neck guitar but they are mostly unaffordable if you don't want a no-brand cheapo, also often ugly and too big, and I thought so far that it would be too difficult to build one from scratch... I found the good compromise with the simple idea of gluing two guitars together and keep most of the gear - I will just put humbucker pickups on one of the necks. If the result is satisfying I consider later getting a baritone neck and embedded effects to make a richer and more complex instrument. I need to have this done by next october for my next show's premiere! Comments are welcome if you have any constructive ideas to help me doing the Doppelcaster!


  1. Looks great... I wouldn't use on-board effects though, 9V batteries are nasty things. Expensive and prone to dying at the most inconvenient times, your effects also go all crappy when they're on low, so you can't even use them til they're completely dead. However, I must admit you get some very crazy sounds using a Delay pedal with a 9V battery on low, the sound distorts and behaves more erratically than ANYTHING Matt Bellamy could get with his Kaos pad!
    You could get crazy and join the two halves by bolting them. Drilling a hole straight through one body and embedding a bolt in the other half. Using two "pegs" and holes to line it up, you then shove a large bolt through one body and have it screw into the bolt in the other. So you'd probably do that twice so you'd have a double neck Tele that had, let's say, two sunken holes on the underside where it rest on your thigh; or facing the floor. Could have a cool industrial feel to it, but I'm not a craftsmen... just a CRAZY TEEN!!!

  2. hi bili, thanks for the comment. I already gave up onboard effects in favor of 2 outputs - so I can use 2 different effect lines and change them when i feel like...

    at some point I considered bolt bodies that I could split - at least for transportation! but I'll keep the connectic easy and try to improve my woodwork with a regular gluing job.

    about about crazy sounds, next september I will finish my crackle guitar (just got a residence for this) and that will be crazy stuff!


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