Friday, October 23, 2009

Neckless guitar

Here we go! I acquired all the gear for my neckless guitar project. Next week I will get the wood - that is going to be the biggest problem for this very experimental prototype. Fortunately I've got quite good advices from a cabinet maker - just about wood, without the preconceptions of a guitar maker... I'm sure at least that it cannot be massive wood, the guitar is one block and would be too prone to twist... I'm quite happy with the glued birch I used for the 7-string but until it's assembled I won't be sure about the sound.

Anyway, this is a little description of the gear: the neck pickup is a second hand Kent Amstrong lipstick pickup from an Ibanez Talman, the bridge pickup is a dual blade humbucker I bought from Eastwood Guitars, the bridge is a Wilkinson wraparound, the tuners are also Wilkinsons, I also have an ebony fretboard and Fender frets, a telecaster knob plate, and a metal nut. That is going to be a strange guitar...


  1. I am envious of your build speed. You've almost just finished one guitar and now you start on the next one.

    You say neckless in the title and headless in the text. What is it? Both?

    If it's neckless, what will it look like? Something like the top one in your sketch "guitars-mus.jpg" from september 21st?

    That will be an interesting build.


  2. my mistake, i corrected it in the post but i did mean neckless. and yes it is the triangle guitar you can see on 21 sept. post.

    i wish i was quick, i'm more impatient than i have time to work, and on the top of that i just had one month forbidden to be around saw dust - that's why i step to the next project now! also i hope that this prototype can interest more people than just making regular guitars with a strange design!


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