Wednesday, June 17, 2009

starting my second guitar

After improving myself with the DIY telecaster, time to start the real stuff with my 7-string project. Decided to skip the OSB model, it's been six months that I want to make this guitar and I'm too impatient - and also I feel quite confident. That's the good with following no model, I reduces the risk of making a mistake, since the guitar will be what it will be!

As you can see, since I'm still in a learning and experimenting phase, I don't work from a massive wood block, but I will glue together two parts of reconstituted wood - it's birchwood, more frequently used for speaker cabinets and drums than for solid-body guitars but quite appreciated for its tone. After thoroughly studying guitar making in the last months, I'm still not convinced than massive wood is necessary, there are many examples of other less noble materials used for good guitars...

You can also see the chambers and the one neck pickup. I modified the headstock of a second hand neck - it will be plated with aluminum to reenforce it.

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