Tuesday, June 16, 2009

finishing my first guitar

So I finally assembled my modified tele kit and I'm quite happy with the result... It looks better in real than on the picture (but you can already have a better idea by clicking on the pic on the right to enlarge it).

The strings are still a little bit buzzy but I won't set it right now since I'm not completely sure about the mate finish - I will probably add a layer of satin varnish. Also I will start to build another one from scratch and I'll probably have to dismantle this one to check how to make some stuff...

The handmade metal pickguard gives it a rough look that I do enjoy - I don't want to make a guitar that looks like a factory product... I love the Artic Kelo finish of Amsfisound guitars and that's what I had in mind when I first started to think about making guitars - I'll see how it feels when I start the woodwork.

The yet unofficial name for this guitar is The teleVangelist - since I intend to use it for my next stage project called Angel Meat. And I'll probably use it for my next concert in a couple of weeks...


  1. Looks great! Fender should have done something like this for the John 5 Telecaster.

  2. Thank you! I like the J5 but I don't understand its headstock - I hope that its size is supposed to increase the sustain, because if it's been design like this for aesthetical purpose, it's a failure...

  3. That looks good. I like the wood being visible through the black stain rather than a solid coat of lacquer.

    BTW, you wrote earlier about engraving the pickguard and asked for suggestions. Have you seen this?
    It seems a fairly effective, easy and save way.

    It looks like a well made DIY kit. Would you recommend it to someone wanting to do something similar?

  4. yes I knew this steampunk site - the good of it is that it doesn't look like expected guitar engraving Zemaitis style (I love Zemaitis though)... I wanted to do the guitar quickly so I postponed the engraving - I bought a lot of tools lately and I will buy an engraving machine only later!

    The finish is more opaque than I planned, I think that I will sand it a little bit to make it more see-through and varnish it with satin varnish because the touch is not very nice...

    I'm quite happy with the guitar - I'm not a specialist of telecasters but the sound is very OK. I bought on the UK ebay shop of DIY Guitars (so I gained 10£ on their site price)(ash body / maple neck) but it seems to me that all the guitar kits in the world come from the same Chinese factory and are just re-branded by their sellers...


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