Saturday, May 2, 2009

metal frame guitars sketches

Lately on the Guitarz blog I saw several interesting metal frame guitars, such as the Stonehenge III, the Weston Rail Bass, the Sardonix, and got inspired for this series of sketches. I learned from the wonderful Teuffel Birfish - the best of its kind - that aluminium is a perfect conductor for sound vibration, so fragmenting the wooden body should not be a problem for the acoustics. Have to admit that these guitars look a little too arty for my personal taste but it might interest someone !


  1. That's brilliant. How I would wish to see some of them in flesh and blood. Or rather in wood and aluminium.

    Besides those you mention, BTW, there's another guitar that resembles your designs: The Magnum 648 from has much in common with the middle guitar in "guitars-ef.jpg".

  2. I knew this sketch was reminiscent of a guitar I saw once, thanks for putting a reference on it - but actually I don't like the Magnum 648, it feels unachieved and too close to the strat model.

    what makes me smile about these drawings is this kind of bio-90s blobby look that became so quickly outfashioned - and my favorite is the cyborg Les Paul.

    anyway, thanks for your enthusiasm but unfortunately for you these guitars are very far on the list of what I would build if I could... makers welcome!

  3. Before I read your text I'd already thought that the sketch in the centre of the top right picture reminded me of the Teufell Birdfish.

    I like the one at the top in the top left picture - it could be a Cyberman Guitar.


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