Thursday, May 14, 2009

headstocks and stuff

So here I am with my DIY telecaster... First the mate transparent black finish I want is not something you can just get from a shop apparently... It seems that I have to combine a pigment and a varnish - so I will meet an art carpenter in the coming days who should explain me how to do it... Also I realized that since I'm not a telecaster fan - I don't despise the old lady of course but have no hero playing on it - I'm quite free to let my fantasy loose - in the frame on what I can do... So I will exhaust my bad taste by making it dark psychedelic, with a baroque headstock (I'm trying to avoid the can opener curse, it's very hard) and an engraved aluminium pick-guard if I can make one (I found out that there is an engraver in my neighborhood and will pay him a visit soon). Like this I can be sober on my real projects - and still make this telecaster a special guitar...
Hey, if anybody has a tip, an advice, an essential information, please don't hesitate to leave a comment!


  1. What about a modal-fretted/normal fretted/fretless magnetic neck?
    Like this one:

    Or maybe just a traditional (wooden, not magnetic) fret but modally tuned?

    It could be cool... and very difficult to play
    ( I definitely cannot do it!!).. but very cool with your friends ;-)

  2. I actually noticed this andy summers guitar and was wondering what is this modal fretboard... it would probably fit to my style since I also play mountain dulcimer, but this telecaster is more aimed at psychedelic music with its vibrato (syd barrett in addition to his famous danelectro was also a tele player) !

  3. Ok, so no fusion on this tele..

    It could be great to replicate a sitar-like sound, although i know it's very difficult to obtain.. maybe with a bottleneck running on a track along the neck.. but this is science fiction!

    Anyway, a "sharped" wooden handsaw headstock could be great

  4. well I've been considering the sitar bridge proposed by Eyb, it's true that it would fit on a tele but it's 150€ for a gadget that has the reputation to be almost impossible to set - as any other guitar-sitar devices...


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