Monday, April 6, 2009

some music

OK, this blog is about guitar design, but however beautiful and fascinating the object is, its primary function is to produce music. So for the first time I post here something with me playing guitar. It is far from being the best thing I've done (well I hope so), but it's a curiosity worth listening - or at least knowing about.

Sonic Youth's bass player and singer Kim Gordon conceived with artist Jutta Koether the installation Reverse Karaoke in which they invite audience to pick an instrument and improvise together with the pre-recorded voice of Kim. I saw this installation in MAK in Vienna with my friend and Viennese artist David Jourdan and we played the game - that is we listened to Kim's song once and then improvised - one take. The song was roughly mixed right away and 10 minutes later we left with a CD of our recording. So yes, I kind of recorded a song with Kim Gordon. Some info here and pictures here.

Completely forgot about the guitar - can anybody recognize it on this picture ?

Reverse Karaoke by bertramD
More of my guitar stuff on my SoundCloud account.

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