Sunday, April 12, 2009

more elaborated sketches

You might have noticed that in my last sketches I'm been busy with beveled designs. Unless it's deliberate - like for the minimal telecaster - I realize that I don't like so much plank guitars, but I'm not into arch-top either - so beveling is an interesting option.
I'm quite desperate to have no time to start building my projects but this delay allows me to slowly mature them and these new sketches show an interesting step in my process. This implies further modification of the shapes, also front plates and chambering...

A comment on a previous post showed interest in the red model I resketch here more precisely - Les Paul based with some material removed for lighter weight that make it look like nothing I ever saw before. I have to say that I enjoy the Holy series of Gibson but I think that they are too shy with their modifications.


  1. If you like the Holy series, you might like this telecaster:

    Lack of time in the workshop is a problem for me as well. But I agree that it helps make the designs more well developed. On the other hand, working with the wood and metal give a lot of inspiration for the design, so I hope you get a chance to have some building time soon.

    Plus, I'd really like to see your designs materialized - especially the top one in guitars-zz.jpg ...the bevels work especially well on this one.

  2. thanks for the tip, very interesting guitar indeed, I love the transparent table!

    I planed some working time in June - also I start to buy materiel for my neckless guitar project. So some concrete stuff soon.

  3. I really like the way the lower black one at the top (the one with the more pronounced dorsal fin) is evolving. It's turning into a very elegant take on a fairly unconventional shape. While I prefer less ornate pickguards myself, I would certainly play that guitar!

  4. ach ja, the ornamentation is just an hypothesis, I'm more for pure design actually... anyway thanks for the comment and I like 'dorsal fin' - it could be called The Killerwhale!

  5. Some interesting designs there.

    Have you seen either the Andreas Shark Guitars or XOX handle?

  6. Yes I know these guitars but I took the opportunity to have a look around on the internet and saw some more interesting stuff - thanx.


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