Friday, February 13, 2009

tuners for headless guitar

in the comments of the previous post, I had interesting feedback from Alex of Aluminium T-beam Guitar blog, who is particularly interested in headless guitars and proposed in reaction to my 'open bodies' a ingenious way to put regular tuners behind the bridge :

to complete Alex's idea I would put the supporting tuners plate inside the body and not on it, and protect it with a bridge cover, like this:

and to develop the 'open body' idea, this is a more precise sketch of an open-semi-hollow body with neck-trough that should be big enough to allow big holes and easy access to the tuners, and have the proper structural strength.


  1. That is a cool idea, I am beginning to use tuners at the bridge end myself, I prefer steiny tuners. I just started building headless guitars, got my first model out, ready to build some marketable ones... check it out:

  2. well if you build a similar system, let me know!
    and check alex's work at

  3. good job - congrats from TURKEY. Fatih yılmaz luthier


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